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Besides our Battlefieldstours, we offer other services:

Sightseeing tours:

Besides our tours over the memorials of the First World War, we offer other sightseeing tours as well. You can create a personal tour in consultation with the pilot, for example to explore your native region from the air.

Gift flights :

Give a helicopter flight as a present? This will be for sure a memorable experience!

Aerial photography / filming

Aerial photos from your house, company, boat or event are always impressive. The B206 Jet Ranger is appropriate for aerial photography and filming because of its stability.


We take thermographic pictures from buildings to report the losses of energy (weak places in the insulation). A full report is delivered afterwards.

Initiation flights:

Become acquainted with helicopter flying can with Heli Promotions. After a short theoretic explanation from the instructor, the real work follows, fly the helicopter yourself!

Pilot trainings :

Becoming a pilot doesn’t need to stay a dream. We offer the educational programme to become a private helikopter pilot (PPL).

More info? Surf to www.helipromotions.be or mail to info@helipromotions.be