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Robinson R22:

Perfect for pilot-training

The Robinson R22 helicopters are mainly used for instruction. With double steering is this light helicopter perfect to learn helicopter flying.


Robinson R44:

Perfect for sightseeing tours

This type of helicopter is mostly used for short touristic flights and sightseeing tours.  

  1 pilot + 1 passenger   1 pilot + 3 passengers  
  6,3 m (without rotor)   9,07 m (without rotor)  
  2,72 m   3,28 m  
  7,67 m   10,06 m  
  Lycoming 0-360-J2A piston motor   Lycoming 0-540-F1B5 piston motor  
  avgas 72 liter standard
(+40 liter in extra tank)
  avgas 116 liter standard
(69 liter in extra tank)
  between 500 and 550 km   between 600 and 650 km  


Bell Jetranger B206:

The famous workhorse among helicopters

Equipped with a powerful engine and used for short touristic flights, inspection flights, sightseeing tours and incentives. The Jetranger B206 is perfect to do photo and film work because of its stable character.


Bell Jetranger B407:

Because size matters

This helicopter with VIP interior gives place to 6 passengers. Inside you have all the luxury because of the panoramic windows, leather seats and lots of leg-space. It is fully soundproof, this means that headsets aren’t necessary, only if you want to talk to the pilot. This helicopter is mostly used for long distance flights.

  1 pilot + 4 passengers   1 pilot + 6 passengers  
  9,51 m (without rotor)   10,57 m (without rotor)  
  2,9 m   3,3 m  
  10,16 m   10,66 m  
  Turbine Rolls Royce 250 C20J   Turbine Rolls Royce 250 C47B  
  344 liter,
  484 liter,
  between 600 and 700 km   between 600 and 700 km