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Trench of death


The entire Belgian army fought and struggled for life in the famous trench of death . It was the heart of the resistance during four years. The trench of death is a kilometre-long network of revetments, saps and dug-outs situated just 50 metres from a German bunker, therefore it was one the most dangerous Belgian positions on the Western front. The trench was under constant fire from German snipers and machine guns. The site is recently renovated and it has a new visitors’ centre. Using maps, photographs, videos and war memorabilia, a permanent exhibition in the centre shows the relative positions of friend and foe, charts the destruction of the surrounding towns and villages and tells the story of life and death in the front-line.

Opening Hours

10am -12am and 1pm -5pm

April until the end of September:

October until November 14th:
Tuesday, Thursday, weekends and holidays

Winter (15/11-31/03):
on Tuesday and Thursday


IJzerdijk 57, 8900 Diksmuide

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