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My workaholism: It is an incredible divine feeling to fly and enjoy the beauty of our region from the air.

And I love the ever enthusiastic clients after every flight, sightseeing tour or event, because of the efforts of our full team: pilots, sales and other colleagues.

I’ve made my job, from my hobby and flying is part of my life!

The helicopter world is for most people unknown and this makes it attractive and thrilling!

The social contact, the happy faces, the appreciation afterwards makes it for me the best job ever !

My drive as well is to have a good team in which each takes its responsibility.

My interest in helicopters makes me feel comfortable in the world of helicopters. My work is part of the sales and administration.
I try to recommend all clients the most appropriate flight and to see the happy faces afterwards makes the job only nicer.

Besides the administrative work, I welcome the clients at the heliport and I’m also responsible for the organization of our events.

Finally I make aerial pictures and once a week I observe the pipelines from the air. Spoken of a job with lots of variation!

After finishing my training for diving instructor, I wanted to know how it feels to float in the sky instead of in the water.

Training for my private pilot license, flying a helicopter quickly became a true passion. I have worked several years as a freelance pilot and now eventually I found my home at a well structured and professional firm.

A boy’s dream can come true!

I’m not only a plane instructor in Ostend at the ‘Noordzeevliegclub’ (North Sea Fly Club), but I also give helicopter training at Heli Promotions.

Flying a plane and flying a helicopter are two totally different experiences. This makes my job so interesting!

And afterwards, we celebrate the flight with a fresh beverage with the crew in the cafeteria…

Persistance is the key to success, especially when becoming a pilot. But once you start flying, you fully enjoy the merits of your efforts when you have that complex machine under your control with merely the touch of your fingertips (and toes)

Every flight is different (the weather, the machine, the customer, the task... even the pilot his state of mind) and gives you excitement and satisfaction.

HeliPromotions offers expertise, passion , fun, and professional challenges. A perfect combination, so come visit us and enjoy a unique experience !